Prefecture of Kastoria is located at the western end of Western Macedonia. It borders with the prefectures of Florina, Grevena, Kozani and Ioannina, and Albania, on the west side. The city of Kastoria, spread out on an altitude of 620 meters.

It is built on a peninsula protruding into the lake Orestiada and under the impressive mountain Grammos and Vitsi. According to the latest census the population of the county amounts to 53,483 inhabitants, while the city has 20,636 residents. H Kastoria is by plane from Athens International Airport by Aristotle, which is located in Argos Orestiko. Access to the county is now comfortably through the Via Egnatia. Alternatively you can use the old highway.


* Center of Kastoria: 4km
* Lake Kastoria 0m
* Airport: 4km
* Hospital: 5 km
* Ski Vitsi: 28 km
* Ski Pissoderi: 40 km

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